Duration 3-days

Timings 09:00 - 16:00

£125.00 per person


Wednesday 10th - Friday 12th

Monday 22nd - Thursday 24th


Tuesday 30th - Thursday 2nd

Wednesday 15th - Friday 17th

Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd


Tuesday 4th - Thursday 6th

Monday 10th - Wednesday 12th

Wednesday 19th - Friday 21st

Following advice from Public Health England it is recommended that you do not perform rescue breaths or mouth-to-mouth ventilation; perform chest compressions only. Compression-only CPR may be as effective as combined ventilation and compression in the first few minutes after non-asphyxial arrest (cardiac arrest not due to lack of oxygen).

Venue: Cavendish House, Plumpton Road Hoddesdon Herts EN11 0 LB

Mainline station Rye Park 300 yds

Easy access to A10 and M25

This 3-day first aid course is designed to teach attendees how to treat adults who have been injured in the workplace. It is an extensive and practical course, which will give the attendees confidence and practical skills to be able to deal with most first aid emergencies in the workplace.

The First aid at work course has been designed to deliver a high class and thorough course for anyone who is to become a first aider in their workplace. And the course follows the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) requirements

Content Covered
Role of the first aider 
Managing an incident
Unresponsive casualty
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Automated External Defibrillator, use of and protocols (AED)
Communication and care of the casualty
Head injuries
And many more topics


Our trainers will give continuous observation throughout the course and are there to support, guide and encourage you, to learn the skills to be able to treat a casualty. 

This course is interactive and practical, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice in groups, discuss ideas and develop the skills you are shown, which at the end of the course will give you the confidence to help give first aid.

Attendees who complete the course successfully will be given a certificate which is valid for three years.



3 Day Course

Initial first aid at work course

 1st renewal is free, if initial course taken with us

 Compliant with HSE regulations

 Fully qualified, friendly, supportive trainers, with many years experience in training

 AED training included

Observation throughout the course

 Attendees who complete the course successfully will receive a three year certification

 Interactive and a practical course

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